Maybe Returning?


Master has been traveling much more this year than in previous ones. There is a strange thing that has happened. At times mouse can visualize our relationship and see it like a rich tapestry with deep colors. When she closes her eyes she can see a single thread, seemingly holding it all together. In the past when Master traveled it was often viewed by mouse as being a vacation for herself. Dishes would be piled in the sink, fast food brought in daily for hungry kids, hair in a ponytail, wearing sweatpants of all things. Of course the moment he entered the airport the wild cleaning spree would begin, and if she had enough time, she’d even run to the store at the last minute to give the illusion that she had cooked. Master said once long ago, eventually mouse won’t be able to see the thread anymore and secretly mouse scoffed at the notion. Or to put it a different way, she would eventually accept her slavery even if he wasn’t around to direct it.

Since accepting her position in his life and understanding her place in the great scheme of things, the last few times that Master has traveled mouse has kept to her daily routines just as if he were here. The tapestry thread that she always knew she could pull to “virtually” end this thing we do — well now she couldn’t find it. Almost oddly the last time he traveled, she treated the kids to pizza, and another night chicken nachos, all with his blessing. Each morning mouse would wake, proceed with the morning as though Master were watching her. Shower, dressing in only clothing he’d approve of, wearing the corset, makeup, lipstick and perfume he liked. Hair done in the way he liked. Laundry was still done, meals generally cooked with a few exceptions that Master approved of (like the pizza). The house was kept tidy and vacuumed on schedule. The first time he traveled, mouse didn’t even think about it. It wasn’t until the second time that she did consider how different she is now.

The only thing that is different, we are free to watch some movies that Master totally wouldn’t enjoy but the kids love. Hello to Superhero movies! Master isn’t a fan of them, but he’ll endure that in the theater (for the kids) but rarely wants to watch them again. The kids all look forward to mouse baking something sweet, so this is an extra treat for them that we normally don’t have. Master doesn’t forbid sweets, but just feels we don’t need to have them all the time. He can’t really eat much of them so it’s not something we have  a lot, except for maybe holidays. Master was gracious to allow mouse to stretch a little into some serious sweet baking. Including an awesome caramel ice cream (Master hoped there would be some left so he could try it). Each night he’d contact us and talk to the kids and to mouse.

Everything feels so much better and mouse is embracing her slavery more than she ever has in the past and he was totally right — it is better than before. Not sure if mouse will continue updating this blog, but maybe it feels for now like a better place to share various thoughts?

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