Not So Empty

Vintage-1950s-Italian-Capodimonte-Porcelain-Floral-Arrangement-Centrepiece-_57.jpgRemember a while back, mouse wrote about how the Man of the house, refused to allow anymore furniture into our home, despite having nearly two rooms completely empty?  Well, once again mouse was petulant and silly never once thinking that we would end up with furniture.  Just not anything mouse thought she’d want or even like. When His Mother passed away earlier this year, mouse wasn’t thinking that we’d be bringing any of her furniture to our house.  Yet, more than ever realized is coming.

More things arrive each weekend, added to the cluttered feel of our home.  Usually Omega has the rule that when something new arrives, something must leave.  Yet so far not much has left.  Furniture is being moved around.  The chaise lounge has been moved to the study.  The small leather sofa formally in the study has been moved to the sun room. All to make room for a couple wing chairs to fit in our bedroom.  Five more furniture pieces are yet to arrive.  Three might be coming this weekend (if the weather cooperates. Then mouse gets to do what she does best and try to blend the old with new and make it not seem like a shop window.

Maybe it won’t be that difficult? Still there is a lot of things that will somehow need to find a home.

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